Our Mission

What is Spicyfins?

Spicyfins is the obsession and poster boy child of Stefan Babjak’s journey through sustainability, agriculture, and his love for spice (we’re not kidding, this guy loves his spice!)

How is Spicyfins planning to change the world?

Action starts with reaction; man that sounds cool, but OK seriously…. We know that the dissemination of information is the vital first-step in creating and affecting positive change.

We publish the MOST insightful posts, vlogs, blogs, mogs…(huh?) you’ll ever read, see, hear, touch(think finger pointing) out there on the web!

Our Mission?

To bring sustainability, agriculture, and spice into the 21st century!

Why does it matter?

We’re glad you asked! See, we all live on the same planet (Earth), but unfortunately our planet just doesn’t care about us anymore. Whoops! I meant to say, but unfortunately “we” don’t care about our planet anymore.

I know right? That’s messed up! But we know at the bottom of our hearts, people do care. By educating, informing, updating, and creating; we can start showing the planet we care again.